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Proposal title

Citizen/Player: An approach to collaborative video games as citizenship models for the cities of the future

Claudia V. Garza GonzΓ‘lez

Academic Program Director of Digital Art at EAAD (School of Architecture, Arts and Design) at ITESM (Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education)

Guadalajara, MΓ©xico


Short description

Have you imagined your city as a great interface where social interaction and citizen collaboration happen like a video game?

Will citizens be able to openly collaborate and engage on civil rights and the evolution of the city?

What will be the biggest challenge for designers in the future?

Through the research of new forms of citizen participation that promote the growth and self-sustainability of the cities of the future, this presentation will explore a future where the design of social interactions will be based on the extrapolation of the mechanics of online video games.

Extended description

The presentation intends to encourage the attendee to reflect on urban and social interactions among citizens, re-imagining the city as a great playful interface, a playground or a stage where citizens participate actively in order to keep the ties and dynamics between the players (citizens) and the city (playground).

Is it possible for common areas to redesign themselves constantly by learning from human interactions?

The boundaries between real space and virtual representation will continue to transmute with technology. Virtual and physical spaces are becoming one only space, therefore new ways of inhabiting the cities are necessary. In this proposed future, the citizen, re-imagined as a player immersed in a city/interface, interacts, activates and transforms his environment, which reacts by re-configuring its space according to the experience of the citizens/players.

What would happen if videogame designers designed the cities of the future?

While playing a videogame we learn to play synchronizing movements and anticipating decisions. In this same dynamic, citizens will need to understand the mechanics of their cities in an interactive way, which will lead them to understand the whole "platform" and motivate them to act logically and strategically.

In a video game, the immediate feedback the player gets after the interaction with the environment is one of the most satisfactory aspects in these digital platforms. This model could be replicated in the city, creating active physical spaces that take on new meanings with the use of the inhabitants, promoting appropriation and enhancing the experiences of the players/citizens.

The citizen of the future will be an active player who will seek to transcend and interact with other users and their environment through technology. The biggest challenge for the designers of the future will be to design the discursive mechanisms that must be created to be in constant evolution.

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