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Proposal title

Is climate change a laughing matter?

Josie Tucker

Founder, Creative Director at Adaptive Capacity



Short description

Climate change exists in immeasurable ways, and currently environmental issues are grossly underrepresented in the media. We aim overcome the barriers created by both the internet and traditional means of media in order to educate others. We seek to break down our comprehension of ourselves as individuals and understand the possible impact created by functioning networks of people. We would like to present an interactive presentation of our mission to create a digital culture of environmentalism, using humour situated within the context of pre existing internet mediums. We are creating a new strategy for environmental awareness, encouraging action in innovative ways combining the online and the IRL.

Extended description

Adaptive Capacity is a climate organisation, recently shortlisted for a D&AD impact award and grants funded by LUSH cosmetics. We make design focused work about environmental issues, using humour and contemporary digital culture to create an accessible conversation and promote action.

Adaptive Capacity believes in inclusivity and accessibility existing as a physical and digital space for community and environmental culture. Our website is designed as an engaging and versatile space that promotes projects and content (our own and external.) We will be using it as a platform for provocations prior to, and during the event for the public and audience to upload responses to via social media. The provocations and audience response will integrate into the delivery of the presentation, and be showcased during it. Responses will continue to live on the site in a designed format, alongside documentation of the IAM event, to ensure a lasting outcome.

Climate justice is categorically the most vital issue of our lives and we want to discuss how to infiltrate existing internet cultures to change them and use them for positive action.

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