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Proposal title

Triggering creativity's "overview effect" with an imaginary space program

Fabrice Starzinskas

independent strategist, creative technologist, media artist



Short description

While holding creativity & collective optimism accountable for more desirable futures building opportunities, we miss the fact that creativity in itself remains fragile, and extremely tied to other currently highly stressed ecosystems. Referring to the initial "Overview Effect", could we leverage a similar cognitive shift towards creation through a collective and persistent narrative? Could this inspire us to achieve sustainable creativity? Could this help us maintaining plural futures even in the event of other system failing (economic, environmental) ?

Extended description

1 - The case for sustainable approaches of creativity   

/ The great paradox 

We crave for sustainability, we dream renewable, we blame fast-fashion and intensive agriculture while ignoring the way we treat our own creative minds. Made disposable, merchandised, choppable, our limited supply of original thoughts gets swallowed and digested in a fast-paced content inertia, unforgiving to broader yet necessary visions.  

/ Sustainable creativity? 

As our present seems shaped by 60's sci-fi books we're running out of, our generation of daring minds is either struggling to afford a living or burning out to win advertising awards, if not both. Let's decelerate, rethink the cycle, and shape our own creative future without loosing ourselves in the process. Permaculture, permaeconomy are a thing, why shouldn't permacreativity?  

/The need of an "creative overview effect" enabling narrative 

This is how Rosettta came to be. Rosettta aims to operate like a space exploration program with all the narratives it implies : design, test and launch stuff in the infinite void (our world) to see what happens. From manless probes (tools), Signals (artworks) to crewed missions (services), the goal is to bring answers and raise more questions within creative scenes and private creative sectors. 

The moonshot ? a balanced ecosystem where hybrid talents' potential and creative industries' influence finally operate in a durable & societally beneficial manner.   

2 - Why Space ?  

Space is seen as the ultimate frontier, thus a thing we approach with extreme attention given the risks it implies. Anything aimed to be send to space has to be 100% reliable. This precaution is an extreme constraint, pushing our human creative and engineering skills to fascinating levels. Moonshots are exciting and societally needed. Creativity is too crucial to societies to remain so dependant of its inner systems, our ability to remain in position to think and build plural futures relies on our ability to still be creative even in the event of parts of the actual ecosystem falls appart. 

3 - Why IAM  

These ideas have been laid out for almost a year now and I find myself at a point friends feedback isn't enough to get things in motion. The talk aims to spark attention, but the whole idea will be to actually start small-sized collaborative initiatives addressing the question of sustainable creativity, aiming to populate the narrative and maintain this knowledge/experimentation journal open to others over the years. 

IAM19's notion of Archipelagos also resonated a lot as what I aim to put in motion is a narrative framework where different initiatives could co exist, connect and benefit from one another, ultimately growing an entire fresh ecosystem based on small dots quietly and qualitatively connecting.

Thanks for reading !

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