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Proposal title

The doing nothing workshop

Gabriel Jiménez Andreu and Rui Quinta

Lead Researcher and Service Designer at Flat101 + Strategist and Designer, With Company

Zaragoza + Lisbon


Short description

From standing to playing dead. From moving to being at rest. From talking to total silence. Fading ourselves to nothingness will be the purpose of this session.

Extended description

Gabi decided to suggest a workshop with the same title to a big business consultancy about two years ago. Surprisingly they accepted the proposal.

Most people couldn’t bare the sound of silence and left the building. The ones who decided to hang on until the end complained that two hours was too much time for them. Too much silence for their busy wandering minds.

For two hours we will still forget about business, process and numbers and take time.

Inspired by Gabi’s first experiment, Isidro’s Ferrer work, and the anxious human condition, we will ask participants to engage in doing things that are related with a sense of losing time, meaninglessness, and doing nothing. For two hours, we will loose ourselves searching for ants, listening to birds singing, extracting meaning from words, fading into silence. Literally.

If you want to join us, do nothing. After clicking the button.

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