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Proposal title

Internet activism; shaping what we say & do

Fiona O Grady

Head of digital relations



Short description

Internet activism isn't going anywhere and it's only going to become more pertinent. Brands are going to continue to monopolise this and if you can't be a clued in person brand side/agency side, people will continue to be marginalised and the internet used against people by isolating communities.

I would love to contribute a talk/workshop about how internet activism is shaping so much of what people are doing and how they are communicating. The aim of the session is to discuss how we can be more conscious of our own privileges and biases when communicating online and how we can use these to to improve our work in creative industries. It's the responsibility as communicators online to direct our power and energy towards unifying rather than isolating people. To do this we need to be conscious of our biases and how they shape our ideas. Would love to start this conversation and see where we can go with this. The end result could to create a tool or guide for how to look out for red flags, be a better person online & increase awareness of our biases, applicable on a campaign/online community level. By creating a toolkit based on this space, participants can continue to open up the dialogue in their own workspaces.

Extended description

This toolkit is a reference for the potential end result of this workshop. I've recently integrated this toolkit into my own work as a manager when working in organisations that don't always ask the right questions about bias but want to "be internet activists".

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