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Proposal title

Phi: the World Game

Phi collective

Design and research



Short description

‘If we ruled the world...’ is a strategy and simulation workshop in which players redistribute resources using tools from speculative fiction and scenario planning. The live session updates Buckminster Fuller’s World Game, first proposed in 1961, for the era of global finance, extrastatecraft, big data, mass migration, and climate catastrophe. During the session, participants learn to identify future trends and imagine scenarios to redistribute resources in more equitable ways. Together we will negotiate what ‘more equitable’ might look like today.

Extended description

PHI is a project-based collective working at the intersection of peer to peer technologies, energy futures, and speculative design. Their projects imagine new collective ownership models to enable sustainable futures, reforming how value is recognized, socialized, and how incentives shift what is made scarce and what is made plentiful. First played in 1969, Buckminster Fuller proposed the World Game as an information system that makes the location and quality of resources around the world visible so they might be acted on. Participants work to overcome artificial scarcity, reimagining sovereignty to protect people's equal right to resources. Fuller’s environmental command center preempted the World Wide Web. The Internet has transformed not only how we communicate and access information, but what we understand as resources in the first place. By adapting ideas from the World Game, we hope to address issues related to current geopolitical alterations, the moving and closing borders, and shifts in the distribution of power between states and corporations. We aim to create space for imagining new models of sovereignty, governance and collectivity. The live session will be divided into three acts. The first act will be used to set up the context and identify trends. The participants will be asked to think about resources in a broader way at both global and local scales. During the second act, the players will explore connections between different trends and identify problems. The third act will be dedicated to design a vector to address the identified problems and determine the means and strategies to bring preferable futures into reality. After the game, the players will be asked to conclude their findings and ideas in ‘tweets’ as a concise form of manifesto.

Related media/links

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