Call for proposals – Finalists

🔔 Update: Public review is now closed. Thanks for your feedback.

The finalists that will join the line-up will be announced on January 22nd.

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After reviewing more than 40 submissions from over 20 countries, IAM has pre-selected the following proposals to participate in the final review round of this call for proposals responding to ‘The Quantumness of Archipelagos’ theme

These proposals were also evaluated by an advisory board made up of past speakers, partners and specialists, and current ticket holders also picked their favourite proposals in a survey. 

The final proposals are ranked based on the following percentages: 

30% – Public voting 

30% – Ticket holders survey

40% – Advisory Board & IAM co-directors evaluation

Advisory Board

We are please to announce the members of the advisory board who helped us review the final proposals:

💙 Rachel Uwa, founder of the School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe (Berlin)

💙 Gabriel Borges, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Ampfy (São Paulo)

💙 Kelani Nichole, founder of TRANSFER Gallery and Director of Current Museum (NYC)

💙 Alec Dudson, founder & Editor-in-Chief of Intern Magazine (Manchester)


Presentation category

💭 ‘SolarPunk and Cyber Ecology’ by radicalzz.studio

💭 ‘A Field Guide to the Dank Enlightenment’ by Most Dismal Swamp

💭 ‘Cached’ by Cached Collective

💭 ‘Grow Your Own Cloud’ by Cyrus Clarke & Monika Seyfried

💭 ‘Let the Blind Lead: Hacking Visual Culture’ by Daniel Sabio

💭 ‘Black Islands’ by Taller de Casquería

💭 ‘Triggering creativity's "overview effect" with an imaginary space program’ by Fabrice Starzinskas

💭 ‘Artificial Neurodivergence’ by Scalar Research

💭 ‘Integration and Digital Practices: An Ethnographic Study of Young Refugees in Berlin’ by Jessica Bishopp

💭 ‘A Metamodernist Primer on Proximal Aesthetics’ by Andrew van Hyfte

💭 ‘Citizen/Player’ by Claudia V. Garza / TEC Monterrey

💭 ‘Is climate change a laughing matter?’ by Adaptive Capacity

Workshop category

💭 ‘Phi: the World Game’ by Phi Collective

💭 ‘Internet activism; shaping what we say & do’ by Fiona O’Grady

💭 ‘The Smart Ouroboros’ by Arthur Gouillart & Matteo Maccario

💭 ‘The doing nothing workshop’ by Rui Quinta / With Company

Alternative format category

💭 ‘Co-creating the city with a million identities’ by Renny Ramakers

💭 ‘elotrolado.net’ by Carlos Pesina Siller

💭 ‘Karin and Karin Anders 0.2’ by Karin Fischnaller

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