Guy Wolstenholme
Creative Director & Co-Founder, Moving Brands

Guy co-founded Moving Brands in 1998. He is responsible for the Moving Brands moving offer, including all film and video, 2D and 3D animation across all stages of production, and is a leading force in innovation creation and experience design.

Guy has created technologies for remote broadcast with system integration patents, as well as developing cutting edge moving work for clients. He has led experience design projects for Housing, Nokia, Swisscom, Telewest, Ovi and Vodafone, but his unique skillset means he also consults with an array of clients. He firmly believes in building identities that can live and thrive in different spaces; this was key to the success of the Swisscom brand, which was built with dimension, motion and sound from the start.

In his spare time, Guy has used his 3D skills to design furniture, and to build a log cabin in Wales.