Pau García
Founding Partner, Domestic Data Streamers


Play with Data  
x Domestic Data Streamers

Images and pictures grab our attention and affect us emotionally in ways that text alone usually cannot. Visual metaphors, in particular — because they contextualise information — can ensure faster and far richer data processing. These visual metaphors are capable of evoking related ideas and stories, of appealing to us at both the conscious and subconscious levels, affecting us at the perceptual, cognitive and reflective levels, and of eventually captivating our mind.

So what happens when, in displaying data, facts and figures, we adopt visual metaphors, instead of relying on the more traditional text-and-chart presentation strategies?

In Play With Data Workshop we explore and push the boundaries of data visualisation and visual storytelling, to create micro-data stories that will explode in the audience’s eyes and mind.