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Ash Koosha

Composer, Producer, Film Director, Futurist, NinjaTune


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Ash Koosha is an Iranian-born, London-based electronic musician, producer, director and futurist at Ninja Tune. Ash’s penchant for challenging musical norms led him to experiment with many genres of music, including rock and electronic, but the destructive Iranian regime cracked down on the underground music scene, involving raids, beatings and arrests.

Ash was forced to seek asylum in the UK, and since then has continued composing, producing and thinking about futures. After continuing to develop his sound, Ash’s career took off, allowing him to develop his musical experiments further still. This includes recent album I AKA I, possibly the world’s first virtual reality album.

Must-listen/watch video

What if we use utopias as a verb?

For IAM Weekend 17 we will go deeper into the meaning of utopias, with imagination and skepticism, understanding how they can evolve beyond contemporary dreams and help us navigate the uncertainty of our times.

The main stage will feature 30+ speakers distributed in 5 sessions (single-track conference format) plus 10+ workshops led by our learning partners developing the key insights from the talks. Our serendipitous agenda will also include several side-events including parties, dinners, screenings, special projects and installations.

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