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Special Project: Micro-Utopias

Presented by Form&

I want to spend the rest of my life everywhere, with everyone, one to one, always, forever, now. I want to relate to you better. I want to feel what you are feeling. I want to hear what you are hearing. I want to live your story. And I want you to live mine. I am becoming you. And you are becoming me.

Reframing the title of Damien Hirst’s book as an expression of the Singularity originally coined by John von Neumann.

Almost half of the world's population is on the internet, almost 10 billion devices are connected, and more than half a billion mobile devices and connections were added last year. Billions of people are colliding, exchanging, creating in real-time, overnight ideas are formed, micro-communities are made, and the world changes.

So what is the role of the internet in the creation of our futures? Are the micro-communities we form, actually micro-utopias? And in an interface-first world, how do brands deliver value in the moments that matter to a micro-utopian world?

Form& designed an audiovisual experience for IAM that explores the speed, manner, and ephemerality at which micro-utopias form, coalesce, disperse, and form again.

Can it further unite previously divided ideals through propagation and expansion, resulting in more positive, meaningful, and inclusive conversation? As we feel more of what others are feeling, hear more of what the other is hearing, can we live each other’s stories as they happen? And is my utopia, your dystopia?

Micro-utopias are projection-mapped to a sculptural topology visualizing ongoing dialog, versions of alternate futures, communities brought together by common beliefs, language and frequent interaction.

Inputs include real-time text, images and video, pulled from various sources including news, social media and Google searches using specific terms that resonate with particular micro-utopias. The interplay of both intentional and unintentional juxtapositions play out upon triangular "facets" to form a geometric, ever-changing landscape.

Form& partners with visionary business leaders and innovators to design the moments that matter. Medium-agnostic, they tell brand stories through systems and experiences that create impact for businesses, brands and people.

Meet the team:

What if we use utopias as a verb?

For IAM Weekend 17 we will go deeper into the meaning of utopias, with imagination and skepticism, understanding how they can evolve beyond contemporary dreams and help us navigate the uncertainty of our times.

The main stage will feature 30+ speakers distributed in 5 sessions (single-track conference format) plus 10+ workshops led by our learning partners developing the key insights from the talks. Our serendipitous agenda will also include several side-events including parties, dinners, screenings, special projects and installations.

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