IAM Weekend is the meeting for creative thinkers and leading organisations who care about the futures of the internet(s).

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March 21-23, 2019


IAM Weekend is the annual event where you can discover, be inspired and interconnect with diverse perspectives on the post-technological futures of the internet(s) and everything else.

Key topics: migration, climate justice, cities, cultural innovation, arts & design education, digital/tech literacy, creative economies, strategic foresight, media & reality.

IAM Weekend in the media

“a thought-provoking, challenging and inspiring weekend that will challenge what the near future might look like if we act as individuals and collectively”

“For observers like myself, IAM Weekend served as an introduction to new ideas and previously-unquestioned questions”

“At IAM Weekend, speakers brought a critical eye to our relationship with the internet, technology and digital mediums”

Sessions & confirmed guests, workshops and screenings

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Session I : The Quantumness of Archipelagos

How can we decelerate, decolonise, debrief the coevolution of the internet(s), digital technologies and societies?


Renata Avila

Executive Director, Smart Citizenship Foundation

🌎 Guatemala


Carina Lopes

Head of Digital Future Society Think Tank at Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation

🌍 Barcelona

Dr. Francesca Ferrando, Ph.D.

Philosopher / co-founder of the NY Posthuman Research Group

🌎 New York


‘Black Islands’ by Taller de Casquería

Art & Architecture Collective

🌍 Madrid

Dr. James Beacham

Particle physicist at the Large Hadron Collider / CERN

🌍 Geneva

Key topics: Philosophy / Post-anthropocentrism / Critical, Long-Term, Planetary Thinking


Session II: Decolonising and Depatriarchalizing Learning
How can we embrace critical, conscious and post-binary attitudes in knowledge-sharing and consumption experiences?

Troy Conrad Therrien

Curator of Architecture and Digital Initiatives, Guggenheim Museum

🌎 New York

Madeleine Morley

Associate editor, AIGA’s Eye on Design

🌍 Berlin

Alejandro Mayoral Baños

Executive Director, Indigenous Friends Association

🌎 Toronto

Key topics: Cultural innovation / Arts & Design education / Digital, tech, media literacy


Session III: Decelerating Ecosystems
How can we use the internet to rethink our relationship with the planet and everything else inside and around it?

Tomás Diez

Urbanist / Leader of the FAB City Global Initiative

🌍 Barcelona


‘Integration and Digital Practices: An Ethnographic Study of Young Refugees in Berlin’ by Jessica Bishopp

Filmmaker and Design Researcher

🌍 Berlin

Michaela Büsse

Artistic researcher / Editor at Migrant Journal

🌍 Basel


‘Citizen/Player’ by Claudia Garza / TEC

Academic Program Director - Animation & Digital Art - Tecnológico de Monterrey

🌎 Monterrey

Kris De Decker

Writer / Creator and author of Low-Tech Magazine

🌍 Barcelona

Key topics: Migration / Climate & Environmental justice / Cities & citizenships


Session IV: Reloading The Futures of the Internet(s)
How can we reimagine better internet(s) moving forward and what can we learn from the last 10 years of the evolution of the internet as cultures?


Ingrid Burrington

Artist & Writer

🌎 New York

Isabel Martínez

Independent creative director / @Isabelitavirtual

🌍 Barcelona


Laszlito Kovacs

VP of Creative, WeTransfer

🌍 Amsterdam


‘Grow Your Own Cloud’ by Monika Seyfried

Interaction Designer

🌍 Copenhagen


‘Grow Your Own Cloud’ by Cyrus Clarke

Designer, explorer, artist and researcher

🌍 Copenhagen


Xiaowei Wang

Engineer & designer / Creative Director at Logic Magazine

🌏 Beijing / San Francisco

Key topics: Alternative business models / Platforms & communities / Policy, Privacy & Internet Cultures


Session V: Browsing The Ethics of Design, Foresight & AI
How can we anticipate the long-term social impact, unexpected uses and ethical challenges of the tech we design today?

Futures Design is Bullsh*t by Miguel Jiménez

Founder and Strategic Futures Lead, FFWD

🌍 Madrid

Raina Kumra

Director of Tech & Society portfolio at Omidyar Network

🌎 Los Angeles

Simone Rebaudengo

Product & interaction designer / Founding member of automato.farm

🌏 Shanghai


‘Artificial Neurodivergence’ by Gabriel Bianconi

Founder of Scalar Research

🌎 New York

Key topics: Digital & Social Innovation / Strategic Design & Foresight / Ethics of Automation


Session VI: Debriefing Imaginations
How can we empower ourselves and others to redistribute power using inclusive, decolosined and plural narratives about what happens next?



🌍 Warsaw

Rasheedah Phillips

Co-founder of Black Quantum Futurism

🌎 Philadelphia


Art Director/VR Musician

🌍 Berlin

Mohsen Hazrati

Media artist & curator / co-founder of Daar-al-Hokoomeh Project

🌏 Shiraz

Key topics: Creative Economies / The Futures of Futures / Media, perceptions & realities


Workshops, masterclasses and special projects
Collaborative group activities between sessions to transform insights into collective action and learning

How To Use The Internet Mindfully
hosted by The Creative Independent + Are.na


Willa Köerner

Creative Content Director at The Creative Independent

🌎 New York

Leo Shaw

Communications & Special Projects at Are.na

🌎 New York


Visual artist

🌍 Barcelona

“What Could be Better?” by Ted Hunt

Independent speculative / discursive / critical designer

🌍 London


'Digital Self' Workshop by Joana Mateus / Cached Collective


🌍 Lisbon


'Digital Self' Workshop by Vytas Jankauskas / Cached Collective

Designer & Researcher

🌍 Berlin

Interpolate 2: Inferential Network
by Interpolate

Research collective at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL

🌍 London


‘Internet activism: more than a # campaign’ by Fiona O’Grady

Head of digital relations/Communications consultant

🌍 Berlin


‘The Doing Nothing workshop’ by Rui Quinta

Founder, With Company

🌍 Lisbon


‘The Doing Nothing workshop’ by Gabriel Jiménez Andreu

Service Designer, Flat 101

🌍 Zaragoza


Intern x IAM present The Futures of Internships

Creative experiment

🌍 Manchester / Barcelona / Internet

Strategic foresight and futures anticipation consultancy

🌍 Madrid


‘Phi: the World Game’ by Aliaksandra Smirnova / Phi Collective

Urbanist and Visual Artist

🌍 Barcelona



‘A Collage of Realities’ curated by Jeff Hamada


🌎 Vancouver


‘Like Me’ by Jessica Bishopp


🌍 London


‘Most Dismal Swamp: A Field Guide to the Dank Enlightenment’

by Most Dismal Swamp

Experimental art platform and record label

🌍 London


‘A Space Program for Creativity’ by Fabrice Starzinskas

Creative technologist & media artist

🌍 Paris


‘Virtual Gap Year’ by IAM x Pitch Studios

Creative Studio

🌏 Melbourne


‘Birthday(s)’ by Conor Rigby & Andrew Mallinson

Visual digital designer / Artist


Main Venue

Edifici Vèrtex
Polytechnic University of Catalonia / UPC
📍 Plaça d'Eusebi Güell, 6, 08034



What to expect?

IAM Weekend 19 is a 2,5 days & nights experience in Barcelona, for less than 400 participants including:

  • Perspectives
    5 main stage sessions featuring 25+ talks, panels, live interviews & screenings

  • Collaboration
    10+ Workshops, masterclasses and unconference session for smaller group interaction

  • Serendipity
    Creative experiments, not-working nights and the usual useful randomness of Barcelona


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