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IAM Weekend 16 video recap by our local media partner TENDENCIAS.TV

Since 2015, every spring and for 3 days & nights, IAM Weekend gathers a unique group of approx. 400 participants in Barcelona, coming from all around the world and a wide range of professional backgrounds, career stages and sectors.

This scale allows us to create a very special, safe and shared time/space, making the event experience a unique source of opportunities to discover, learn & share perspectives, to be inspired & challenged, and to meet & collaborate in unexpected ways with likeminded (and not-so-likeminded) people. Just like using the internet but in a physical way ;)

Above all, the IAM Weekend experience is just a starting point. After you attend, you will be invited to join our planetary community known as the IAM Family, where you can connect with awarded filmmakers, soft power specialists, emerging artists, creative technologists, students, academics, researchers, dancers, designers, journalists, science fiction writers, musicians, activists, cultural entrepreneurs, and many other eclectic profiles because in randomness we trust.


Some of the companies & institutions attending
IAM Weekend since 2015

Cultural institutions & governments

Media companies & publications

Design firms, creative studios, consultancies & agencies

Creative tech & internet platforms

Schools & universities

IAM Weekend is the meeting for agents of change who care about the futures of the internet(s).

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March 21-23, 2019

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