IAM a platform-based laboratory exploring
the post-technological futures of Everything

We connect alternative perspectives in the edges and intersections of media, arts and learning to understand better the evolution of internet as cultures, in other words as a network of networks of people, aiming to have a positive influence in the agendas of companies, governments & institutions.

We discover, cultivate, connect and empower agents of change around the globe because we believe that understanding the internet as a networks of networks of people, and using it consciously, can allow us to collectively imagine, share and invent better futures.

Everything is connected

Since 2015, we define annual research themes together with triangulations of ‘futures of’ and use them as a canvas to develop a more planetary, critical, long-term thinking, translating it into alternative narratives and experiments.

We are currently looking at the post-technological futures of work, automation & identity, arts, design & learning, advertising, privacy & commerce, fashion, food & sex, the planet, power & reality, cities, mobility & society and everything else in between.

Connecting perspectives, designing journeys and sharing experiments

We are developing unconventional research, curatorial & commissioning projects through creative partnerships with cultural institutions, universities and media companies, along with a number of experimental initiatives, including events, videos, learning journeys and publications, always expanding and following the principles stated in the IAM manifesto.

Legal Notice

Registered in Barcelona as Imperfect Futures S.L
NIF/CIF B66423948
C/ Sant Gervasi de Cassoles 37, 6-3. 08022. Barcelona, Spain
Contact: info@internetagemedia.com